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Blessed Bonds

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BLESSED BONDS is dedicated to preserving the human-animal companion bond and promoting its value.  We believe in keeping people and pets together.  Our vision is to keep pets out of the animal welfare system and in homes where they belong.

Photo by Clay Myers, Best Friends photographer

One of the top ten reasons people give up their pets is because of personal problems/medical crisis; for example, someone going into a hospital for 2 weeks. This is where Blessed Bonds comes in. We offer temporary assistance to those who want to keep their animal companions but are having difficulties that interfere with their ability to meet their pets' daily needs. If you require assistance, please contact Emma at or 708-710-2493.


Help that we offer to individuals in need include:

1. Problem-solving counseling and education to explore options that might be available for the person in crisis within their own support system of family and friends.

2. Short-term In-home assistance/pet sitting for owners who are out of their home for a very short amount of time or needing help while recuperating.

3. Short-term temporary foster homes when available.

4. Loan of large contained cat playpens for cat owners who are able to keep their cats with them or with family members when they are initially contained.

Blessed Bonds began in March of 2004 and merged with A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter in November of 2010. We have helped more than 900 pets of families experiencing a temporary crisis. We realize that this service is needed throughout Illinois as well as the rest of the country --especially in these more difficult economic times. Currently Blessed Bonds is encouraging other groups and organizations to consider developing their own temporary care program for dogs and cats. We are willing to teach others how to help owners in their communities who want to keep their pets but need to find temporary care for them. For more information on starting up a Blessed Bonds program in your area, please contact founder Linda Harper at .


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