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Tail Time Story Hour

July 26, 2017, 10am-11am. Join us for a fun exciting event for kids ages 4-7 at the shelter. ... Read More

Stars for Strays

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Monthly Membership Meeting

Keep informed of A.D.O.P.T. events and happenings. ... Read More

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This year, we are holding three owner/canine competitions!  The DJ will announce the gathering of the contestants when most walkers appear to have returned from the walk.

Estimated time for canine contests: 10:30am  (Weather may require a change of time)

Location of Contest:

The contests will be held by the vendor booths at Naperville Central High School upon completion of the Walk-A-Thon. The DJ will make an announcement when the contests are about to begin.

This year’s contests are:

"Smoochiest Canine"  Does your dog love to give kisses?!  If yes, then this is the contest for you!  The winner will be awarded to the canine who gives the most kisses in the allotted time. 

Best Dog-Owner Look-Alikes” – Has anyone ever told you that your dog is perfect for you? You both have that certain look about you. A pair of outdoor enthusiasts or couch potatoes? Or perhaps two long-legged glamour girls? Could we match up the two of you in a crowded dog park? If so, this contest is definitely for you!

Best Canine Catch” – What dog doesn't love to catch tennis balls?  If you have a master ball catcher make sure to get in on this fun contest!  The dog that makes the best catch of a tennis ball wins!


  1. Contests are open to Walk-A-Thon participants only.
  2. The contests are meant to be FUN FOR ALL!!! They are not meant to be an intense competitive event!
  3. Humans belonging to the competing canines must be Walk-A-Thon participants and turn in pledge sheets and pledge monies at registration prior to the walk and the contest.
  4. Canine participants must in some way be “related” to their human companions (i.e., live together).
  5. Only one canine per human is allowed to participate.
  6. Each competitor can participate in only ONE judging event.
  7. All contests are open ONLY to real dogs. (Cats or other animals disguised as dogs will be disqualified.)
  8. ADOPT is not responsible for any interested parties missing the contest(s) – for any reason.
  9. All decisions of the judges are FINAL.
  10. HAVE FUN!!

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