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Helping A.D.O.P.T. in a Concrete Way

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Fencing and Concrete Project

UPDATE: A formal ribbon cutting on Friday, October 28, culminated a nearly $60,000 capital campaign and two months of construction activity at the A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter in Naperville, improving and expanding the shelter’s outdoor dog runs. Officiating at the ceremony was Naperville Mayor George Pradel, flanked by A.D.O.P.T. Board President, Sandy Boston, and Naperville Area Chamber President, John Schmitt. Holding the ribbon are Naperville Chamber Ambassadors Gary Young (right) and Dennis Lewandowski (left).

We wish to thank all who helped during this challenging time, either with your financial support, fostering, dog walking or simply by extending a kind word to our staff and volunteers.

Ribbon Cutting - New Concrete Runs


Dog Run Replacement and Upgrades to Cost $58,000

When our shelter doors opened in 2003, we had new fencing, multiple play yards covered in fresh gravel, and lots of hope that our new facility would provide a safe, secure, temporary home for our canine residents.

However, over the past few years, we have seen our play yards become increasingly hazardous to some of our more adventurous residents. Improper fence installation has caused the posts to heave, leaving enticing avenues for a potential escape.

Settling and erosion of the ground beneath the fence has created other potential escape routes and encouraged some of our "diggers" to tunnel their way to perceived freedom.

Despite our best efforts and some quick-fixes to right the poles, use cinder blocks to prevent tunneling, and attaching crate sections to block holes in the fence, problems still remain. For instance this past Spring, Bella the beagle was caught by her collar under the fence. Then there's Jeffy, a rat-terrier mix. He would dig out of the run and squeeze under the fence where we would find him running around outside on the patio.

Then there's the pea gravel itself. Initially thought to be a good idea, the gravel itself has become a problem. It slides down to the bottom of each run every time it rains this causes the top level to become muddy and the dogs have dug holes and have ripped the weed barrier out and weeds are now growing. In addition, next to grass, it is one of the most difficult surfaces to sanitize.

It's becoming increasingly apparent that after nearly 10 years of faithful service, our dog runs have finally outlived their useful life.

For the continued safety and security of our animals, we are undertaking a massive month-long program to rehabilitate our play areas. This will involve:

  • Demolition of the existing fence
  • Excavation and removal of gravel
  • Backfill and terracing of the yards in preparation of a concrete pad
  • Pouring concrete pads
  • Installation of a more durable grade of fence with reinforcement along the bottom between each post

Total estimated cost of this project is $58,000

Why now?

It's apparent that our fencing has outlived its useful life. We could replace it and keep the pea gravel in the runs. However, the gravel will still need to be re-graded several times per year and the ground beneath the fence will continue to erode. The cinder block solution is temporary at best.

Why So Much?

We are replacing over 400 running feet of fence. Even with the fence replaced, there is still the problem with the gravel itself. Replacing the gravel later would mean tearing out the fence only to replace it. Not a wise use of our resources. Replacing the gravel means removing and pouring over 5700 sq. ft. of concrete. By combining both projects, we achieve cost savings, plus we enhance the safety, security and health of our animals, and give us some flexibility for future expansion.

We need you to make a concrete decision to help

We can't do this alone. The shelter has sufficient funds to initiate the project but will be relying on behests, loans or deferred payments to complete the project.

Help cover the cost of construction. Your donation, whatever the amount, will help secure the safety and security of our animals well into the future. Please look in your heart and make your donation today??


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