Just a few of our thousands of success stories! It's all thanks to people like you who extend your hearts and homes to animals in need.



My husband and I adopted Allen (whom we renamed "Sacha" and who my 17-month old son insists on calling "Ya-ya" *smile* ) in August.

I am happy to say that Sacha has attended - and completed! - his first 10-week training session and is slowly learning to master the commands that he's learned so far (he's got "sit," "leave it," "off," and "crate," down pretty well, and is still working becoming more consistent with "stay" and "down"). He has done so well with his training and really seemed to enjoy the company of the other dogs in his training class so much that we have also decided to continue his training for the next 10-week session (which he begins this weekend). He can still get very excitable, but he seems to really want to "perform well" to gain our praise (and the occasional treat!) and we are VERY happy with his progress so far.

We know how much everyone at the shelter enjoyed Sacha - please do let everyone know that he is doing really well - he plays well with our son and although he and our two cats haven't exactly become fast friends, they have worked out some sort of "arrangement" amongst themselves and we don't fear for anyone's safety when Sacha is around the house (surprisingly enough, it appears that my shy cat, who is afraid of his shadow and everything else, has become the "alpha dog" around Sacha, always standing his ground and protecting my other cat, who is usually more the alpha cat... what a strange turn of events!).  He can be a crazy handful, but he is a sweet soul and I don't think my any of us (except maybe my cats *chuckle*) could really imagine our lives any more without him. :)

Thank you again for taking such good care of so many four-legged-friends until they find forever homes...

Best regards and wishes for the happiest of holidays to everyone at A.D.O.P.T.,

~ Stacey, Damon, Caleb, Miller Cat, Gray Kitty, and Sacha "Allen" Anderson :)

Payton and Jordan

To the wonderful people and animals of ADOPT,

We adopted our Payton (known there as Rosie Greer from a litter of lab-mix puppies) in May 2003. He was the last left from his litter and as soon as we saw him we just knew he was one of us. He instantly bonded with us and has been our constant, loyal companion ever since! A year later, we decided to make him a big brother so of course, we headed back to ADOPT. We went out back to one of the fenced in areas where the puppies were playing and saw a little lab mix puppy (known there as Sheldon) sitting in the middle watching all the other dogs. I went right over to him, picked him up in my lap, and with one look from his big brown eyes, felt that same feeling we had just one year ago with Payton. Instantly Payton and Jordan were best of friends and to this day, are pretty much attached to each other! We are so blessed to have found such wonderful dogs from ADOPT. We cannot imagine our family without them and want to thank Camille for all she has done for us. We are forever grateful to everyone involved with ADOPT for bringing these two gentle giants into our lives.

The Lenz Family

Tulip and Daisy

This is just a note of thanks for my two little girls, Tulip and Daisy. They are truly the joys of my house. This is the first time I`ve ever had cats that are so friendly to all who enter our home. Their feisty personalities bring hours of enjoyment to me, my friends and family. They are both very loving, even when they are being naughty. Tulip`s favorite activity besides sitting in "mama’s" lap is sleeping in the bathroom sink. Daisy loves looking out the window and sleeping in the bed. When we were living in Oak Park, they had the most fun chasing and killing the mice that entered our apartment. Although causing me sleepless nights, they went after each "intruder" as "mama’s" little protectors. I wish I could remember their foster mom`s name because I would thank her many times over for the tremendous job she did in caring for them. Everytime Tulip wraps her paw around my arm and gazes up at me, I feel really blessed that she had someone show her care and love as a kitten. And Daisy`s little kisses on my nose are heartwarming. Thank you, again. I`ve encouraged all my friends to consider adopting before going to a pet store, as I will in the future.

Dana Thompson


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